How IOGI works

A manager’s dream? To run a seamless, well-integrated operation. The reality? Often, a confused collection of unrelated projects. Time for a change? You bet IT is! Let IOGI help you make the dream a reality.

How it works

Your Business

Tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements

One total IOGI Integration

Choose from one of our numerous Packs covering:

  • IT : hardware, software and services
  • ERP solutions
  • Telecom / Security / Alarmes
  • Access / Video Surveillance
  • Web Portal / Webcam
  • Concierge solutions

One IOGI Dedicated Team Leader

  • SPOC – Single Point of Contact
  • A dedicated entry point for all your requests
  • Track your request at any time, from anywhere with our online portal

Hassle-free full financing package

  • All your Packs and Services under one Contract
  • Control your budget over the next 3 to 5 years
  • Keep flexibility to support the growth of the business
  • Allows you to dedicate your resources directly to your core business

One periodic invoice

  • Receive a single detailed bill period
  • Control your cash-flow
  • Pay once and save time
  • Keep your costs under control

Personalized service

  • Personalized customer service at your disp
  • Access a full team of experts
  • Save from special partner rates
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